Air Conditioning Installation

Weigh your options well before you choose to embark on a new air conditioning installation. Perhaps you have acquired a house that has not yet been furnished or an old one in dire need of a renovation. The HVAC system should certainly be a priority given its role in keeping everyone comfortable indoors. There are two main types that you can choose from: the centralized system and the independent system.

Centralized System

This involves one large unit generating all of the cooling for the entire house. Fans blow the cold air to various spots around the house through the ducts. Every square inch will be reached from the rooms to the hallways. Control is simple as there is only one panel to think about. Enter the settings and the whole house will be kept at that level. Note, however, that some areas may be hotter than others if they receive more sunlight.

Independent System

One of the biggest criticisms against centralized air conditioning is that individuals lose control of their own immediate environment. Some people easily get cold while other sweat at the slightest temperature spike. They prefer smaller independent systems which they can tune to whatever settings they want. The most common form of this is the window type AC which can be installed per room. They are simple and affordable.

Mini split systems offer an alternative. Instead of having all of the components in one box, there are separate indoor and outdoor components. The indoor unit is much smaller than the window type so it is easier to find space for it. There is also no need to create a big hole through the wall. A tiny hose is all that’s needed to pass through. This makes the air conditioning installation a breeze. Be prepared to pay, though, as this is much more expensive.