Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning maintenance service should be considered as a vital part of ownership. This process, if religiously observed, will enable the system to have a long life that is largely free of any problems. Any potential issue is proactively resolved since they are spotted by trained technicians at their outset. Owners will seldom have to call for repairs and will enjoy stable energy consumption thanks to their efficient units. Be sure to schedule this to automatically recur with your contractor.

Once a Year

Most systems will only require yearly visits for maintenance work. This is especially true for residential units, those commercial and industrial systems may require more frequent checks to guarantee smooth operations since these are under greater stress. Quarterly visits may be in order. It is a small investment to make that provides immense dividends in the form of reduced repair costs and year-round peace of mind. Techs will clean things up and tighten stuff down.

Bring Them in Spring

Don’t wait until summer before you get the AC checked. That will probably be a little too late considering that this is the most demanding time of the year for them. They should be made ready to cope with the heat before the season hits. Experts advise having the annual visits timed in conjunction with spring cleaning efforts. The air will still be relatively cool so the AC can be shut off without any worries. The techs will also have more free time in the spring whereas they will already be busy in summer.

Make It a Weekday

In order to avoid much of the inconvenience to the family, have the air conditioning maintenance scheduled at a time when most of the people are out. This usually means the weekday when the kids are at school and the adults are at work. If this is not possible, then find an alternative time slot that is acceptable to all.