Air Conditioning Repair

Concerns about the air conditioning are generally raised only when it is not functioning as it should. The request for air conditioning repair is mostly due to incorrect operation. There are certain regulations for the operation of the unit that must be adhered to. When it is on, the windows and doors of the building should be closed. The room air conditioners should be isolated from the larger area of the building, for instance.

Reasons for AC Repair

There are other reasons why an air conditioner might require repairs.

  • The installation might have been faulty. This can cause minimal airflow and duct leak.
  • The charge of the refrigerant is not a match for the specification of the manufacturer. This decreases the efficient functioning of the unit
  • Dirt is allowed to build up in the coils and filters, resulting in premature failure of fans or compressor.
  • Wear out of the fan controls. This can be due to it being frequently turned on and off. This problem is more likely if the system is too large.
  • The terminals and wires become corroded.
  • The unit is behaving erratic because the thermostat sensor is not in its correct position.
  • The drainage system is clogged. This could be caused from the humidity outside.

Repairing the Air Conditioning

If the unit’s refrigerant becomes low because of leakage or installation undercharge, a qualified technician would fix the leak and use the appropriate quantity of refrigerant to charge your unit’s system. To ensure efficient functioning, it should not be overcharged or undercharged. The technician would check the electrical contacts and connections. In addition, air conditioning repair by a professional technician would ensure that the thermostat sensor is placed in the correct position. This is close to the coil without touching it. The condensate drain would be unclogged and the air conditioning unit mounted correctly to allow proper draining.