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Is It Time to Call A Professional to Repair My AC?

It is the middle of summer, and the temperatures are hitting record highs. You are not concerned though because your home is a safe haven from the heat. However, if your AC breaks and requires repair, your typically cool household could turn into a storage facility for heat pretty quickly. Not only can a broken air conditioning system be extremely uncomfortable, especially with the high temperatures throughout the summer, but it can also be a waste of money. If your AC needs repair and is not functioning properly, its efficiency is reduced. In turn, this leads to an unnecessary increase in your electrical costs. So, how do you know that your AC needs to be fixed?

For the most part, it will be fairly obvious that your AC needs repair when you attempt to cool your home, but your air conditioning system does not seem to be doing its job. However, there are other signs that you can look for to show that there could be a problem with your AC:

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The Air from Your Air Conditioner Is Actually Warm 

This may seem obvious, but you cannot always tell if the air is warm unless you put your hand directly beside a vent. If the air coming out of the vent feels warm, it is possible that you have a refrigerant leak or your compressor is malfunctioning. Either way, hot air should not be coming out of your vent when the intention is to cool down the house. 

You Are Beginning to Hear Unusual Sounds Coming from Your Air Conditioning System

It is perfectly normal to hear your air conditioner’s motor running, but overall, you should not hear a ton of different types of noises coming from your system. The sounds that you should not be hearing from your system include squealing, grinding, or any other kind of harsh noises. If you start hearing sounds that you are not accustomed to hearing, it is probably time to hire someone to diagnose and repair your AC.

You Are Starting to Notice an Increase in Moisture or Humidity Levels

If you have ever visited the beach during the summertime, you have probably experienced humidity at its worst. It can make the air feel thick and unpleasant. Humidity should be something you only deal with when hanging beside the pool, not within your house. If you start to feel like the air in your home is humid or you observe water around your AC system or windows, your AC is probably in need of repair. 

There Is A Reduction in Airflow

While you may not have an issue with the temperature of the air flowing from your system, you may recognize a decrease in the amount of air flowing instead. The cause of this problem could be as simple as changing out your air filters. However, if you have changed out your filters recently, there could be a larger problem at hand that requires repair of your AC.

Any or all of these occurrences can indicate that it is time to contact a professional to perform A/C repair in order to keep you cool all summer long!