Split systems are the most common type of air conditioner. However, one malfunction in any of the units indoors or outdoors can prevent cool air from the AC. Often, AC fans outdoors stop working. 

This stops your ACs’ outdoor unit from working. For this, you might want to call for AC repair in Tucker. Find out what issue your AC fan might be facing and know the solutions for it.

1.Functioning compressor and broken fan

The startup capacitor and the fan motor operate together to activate the fan within your air conditioner. If this isn’t the case, the motor and/or capacitor may be malfunctioning. The purpose of this element is to blast power to start the air compressor. 

The AC fan motor will not turn the rotors if it is not operating properly, and the essential airflow will not ensue. Before searching for air conditioning repair near me, you must try and check for where the fault might be. 

  • Check to see if there is any garbage tangled across the fan blade. If this is the case, gently remove it while being cautious not to harm the circuits.
  • To test if you can get the blade moving, push it with a stick. If you use your fingers, you might risk hurting yourself.
  • The engine’s joints may have to be cleaned. When dirt clogs the fan’s intricacies, it becomes stuck or slows down. Which may cause it to burn out.

Call for AC repair in Tucker if you are not comfortable dealing with fragile AC components. Do not try to overwork the fan or any unit which could cause further damage. If none of the solutions work, wait for the technician.

2.Both fan and compressor won’t work

If the compressor isn’t making any noise and the fan isn’t spinning, it’s possible that the device isn’t getting electricity. The compressor contactor might be the source of the problem. 

This is the component of the device that supplies electricity to the compressor and the ac fan motor. The supplier’s task is to connect the compressor and fan motor to the electricity grid. Other difficulties may exist, but these are the most typical. 

Look for Air conditioning repair near me instead of doing this yourself. You may risk injuring yourself or breaking AC parts. Examine the circuit breaker panel. Is the breaker on your outside unit tripping? Restart the air conditioner at the thermostat.

3. Slow spinning fan

Another common issue is when the fan spins slowly. This can cause the air quality to deteriorate.

  • Dirty air filters can be a common cause of these problems. Most people ignore their air filters until it starts causing problems.
  • Clean the air filter and check again.

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