Are you trying to make your home chiller by lowering the AC temperature? Is your AC not cooperating? If you can relate to this, it is a clear indication that you need ac repair services in Tucker, GA. Most households face this common issue of not receiving enough chilled air even after breaking their remotes trying to lower the temperature. Negligence in looking after your air conditioner is the common reason. Air conditioners are, after all, electronic devices that need to be looked after. AC repair services help maintain this device so that it performs well.
During summers, it is recommended by the energy department that the AC temperature must be 78F degrees. Anything below indicates that your AC is not performing up to its full capacity and needs attention from the expert on AC repair in Tucker, GA. You may feel the need to lower your thermostat temperature, however, that would only increase the utility bills.
Here are some reasons why your AC temperature might not be providing enough chill air –
Dirty Air Filters
If you are lucky, your problem might be as small as unclean air filters. While filtering the outside air before releasing it inside, filters trap all the excess dirt. If left unnoticed, this could cause blockage in the production of cool air. Check your filters for any dirt and clean them carefully. Voila! Your AC is functioning again.
Damaged Fan
The fan or fan motor attracts cool air into your home from the condenser. Damage in any of these parts can lead to a lack of cool air. When the fan is broken, there is nothing to distribute the air in the surrounding areas. Get this fixed from an expert on AC repair in Tucker, GA.
The condenser is Blocked
In case your ac unit condenser is placed outside your home, there are chances of it getting blocked. This could be due to small leaves, debris, dust amongst other things. Not just inside or on the condenser, experts of AC installation in Tucker, GA, suggest keeping a 12-foot clear path surrounding the unit.
Refrigerant Leak
Refrigerant aims to absorb and release excess heat from your house. Leaks in the refrigerant lines are a major issue, according to most AC repair companies in Tucker, GA. The air conditioner would most likely be working but not dropping the temperature. If your air conditioner has ice on it in the middle of a humid summer day, you should be positive that something is wrong with your refrigerant.
Old AC
Now, if you’re AC is anywhere close to being a member of your family for 15+ years, the problem lies here. AC’s older than 15 years can be considered extinguished. Technicians in the field advise you to not waste money or effort over air conditioners this old. Instead buy a new one and get AC installation in Tucker, GA service along with regular maintenance.
These are some commonly found root causes of a lack of cool air from your unit. However, multiple other technical problems could be lying underneath causing the issue. It is advisable to get your ac checked by an AC repair in Tucker, GA service company.

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