“Son, why don’t you go to school for heating and air conditioning and then come to work with me?” Chip’s father asked him. Chip Weldon’s agreement led to the continuation of a family-owned business that began in 1968 in Tucker, Georgia. The story of how the business began starts with Chip’s father moving to Tucker, Georgia.

Chip’s father was only six years old in 1932, when Chip’s grandfather moved to the very spot that Hotwire Communications occupies today on Brockett Road in Tucker, Georgia. At the time, the home had no indoor plumbing or electricity, but it did have a half-acre vegetable garden and a huge flower garden.

While living in this house, Chip’s father married and Chip was born in 1953. In 1956, Chip and his parents moved into a house that Chip’s father built directly across the street from Chip’s grandparents. Chip’s dad had worked for various plumbing companies before he founded his own company, Tucker Plumbing and Heating, in 1968. As the sole employee, he conducted his business from his own house.

At age nine, during summers, Chip began working for his dad by sweeping and cleaning work sites (a necessary part of plumbing jobs). Chip earned $1.00 per day. Meanwhile, his dad taught him about plumbing and heating. When his father invited Chip to work with him, Chip attended DeKalb Tech (now Georgia Piedmont Technical College) to learn heating and air conditioning. After graduating, in 1974, he officially began working full-time for his father, and in 1975, he became licensed in conditioned air. Also, in 1975, to reflect the family-owned status,

Chip’s father changed the name of his business to Weldon Plumbing Heating, & Air Conditioning. Sadly, however, the very next year, 1976, Chip’s father died making Chip the sole owner of the business.

Chip solely ran the business from the same house that had belonged to his father using one service truck and hiring others to work only as needed. In 1986, his mother began working in an administrative capacity in the business. Not until approximately 1990, did Chip hire Paul Assini as a full-time employee to actually help him with the heating and air conditioning services. As had always been the case, through word of mouth, the business continually expanded so Chip bought a second service truck. After hiring Paul, Chip also hired other full-time people to help him, but in 2019, he decided to make a major change to the company.

Chip decided for two other partners, Matt Lankford and Craig Tingley, to join Weldon Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. The three partners agreed to maintain the original ethical, honest, and trustworthy standards that Chip’s father and Chip himself had set for the business. In addition, however, Matt and Craig, wanted to add one additional goal which was important to both of them: The best is yet to come! The three partners committed for Weldon Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to continue to grow, continue to provide outstanding service, and continue to strive to be the best version of itself.

Have the three partners succeeded in achieving their goals? The outstanding reviews of new and repeat customers prove the answer is a definitive “YES!” What can customers expect next from the company? If the company’s past is any indication of its future, customers can expect Weldon Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to experience continued future success!