Our Customers Like EnerBank

Weldon Heating and Air works with many finance companies, but EnerBank seems to be their favorite.

The Heating and Air Conditioning system is the third most expensive system for most people following their house and car. Because of this, quite a few of our customers choose to finance their systems much like they would their car.

In order to get your financing underway, you can use the EnerBank online application or their phone application.

Click The Application Link or call (888) 724-3530 and they will assist you through this process.

I highly recommend calling them, they are very helpful and it seems to go smoother for most folks.

Needed EnerBank Info

  • Program Phone Number (888) 724-3530
  • 847 is our contractor number
  • Our Loan Code is DRE2922
  • The loan type which is Traditional Installment Loan
  • The work type is HVAC
  • The total amount you are financing ( you can finance just a part of it, but I think their min loan amount is $1,000 )

An Experience Matt Had With EnerBank

I like to tell people this story about how EnerBank stood behind what they said in a situation most big companies would have tried to wiggle out of.

So a customer needed financing and I recommended EnerBank and told the customer what they had told me, that she could pay off her loan with a credit card. She called and talked to the rep, and they confirmed it.

Not long after, the customer called me pretty mad at me and said when she tried to pay it off, they said she couldn’t and that was “their policy”.

She was worried about the interest on the loan and I told her not to worry, Either EnerBank would make it right, Weldon Heating and Air would make it right, or I would personally make it right.

I got on the phone with my rep, they passed me around a few times and I wound up speaking with someone who understood what I was talking about. I told them that their folks had told me this, and then confirmed with the borrower what I had said. They asked for time to “review their recordings” between us and sure enough, they called back and said that their rep had indeed told me and the customer the same thing and they made a one time exception and stood by what that rep had told me.

Usually in situations like that they just blow the customer and even the contractors off, I was impressed with how they handled it.

I have only had one customer complain about one of the reps, he called me and we did a conference call and everything was smooth on that call. If you have a problem with anyone at EnerBank, let me know. Even if I can’t get them to move our direction, I can at least tell other customers what happened.