Matts thoughts on how to choose a good air conditioning company

Chip started in this business in the early seventies, I started in the late 70s. Paul started in the late 80s as did Dale.

When we grew up, most homes did not have air conditioning. The people that did were in the “rich” part of town, and it was usually a window unit. I remember when my grandma got her first one, went in the kitchen where she was hovering over the oven all day. It was loud and shook the whole kitchen, but on a 95 degree day here in Georgia, it was awesome.

Back then, most service people just used “rules of thumb” that they passed around and did not know why they worked.

The refrigerants we used back then were very forgiving, and little rules like “Beer Can Cold” for the vapor line would get your refrigerant charge close on a hot day. We also had a lot more “Sight Glasses” that would tell you if you had too little refrigerant or moisture in the system.

Today, the EPA has dictated that those refrigerants of the past are bad, and systems are not as forgiving as they used to be. Without special precautions and procedures, brand new systems can get damaged or destroyed internally very quickly.

Never skimp on mechanics.

Only companies that keep up with the needs of modern equipment are able to maintain a solid reputation in the industry today. The world is full of people that will do “Cheap” work, only to disappear when they destroy your expensive system.