Most brands of air conditioners share a core list of common parts.

Except for some Carrier and Trane / American Standard systems, they all use the same brands of compressors. Copeland, Tecumseh, Bristol, etc. They will “Multi-Source” a part they specify to multiple companies and buy from whoever has the best price this week.

For motors, they use about three or four brands as well. This trend continues for almost all parts with the exception of the sheet metal and the coils.

Almost all brands have a few years every decade where they have coils they produced that are leaking long before they should. It takes years to know who the unlucky company is, but it happens to almost all of them.

With a few exceptions, almost all brands are pretty good. Some exaggerate in their marketing a lot more than others. Some quietly go about building great solid equipment without bragging so much.

Some try to be “exclusive” by only allowing certain dealers to sell them. This is usually just a marketing ploy and they sell the same equipment with a few changes (for contractual reasons) through “distributors” that smaller companies with lower over head buy through.

Quite often, a sticker and paint color are the only changes. The warranties, people building the equipment, most parts, etc are all the same.

If you choose a name you have heard of, or that a company has been selling for years and years, It is probably equipment you can count on.

Just make sure it is installed by someone that has something to lose if they do it wrong.